Leatherman Hail and Style PS


Leatherman fames for its set of knives and tools has partners with Signal Snowboards to bring pocket tools that can crank on bindings for roof racks, open a beer or even stash ear buds. The grips are of glass filled nylon which allows for excellent durability without adding significant weight. Leatherman reports that the glass-filled … more

The Standard Bank mobile app

The Standard Bank mobile banking app

Internet banking is fast moving to the mobile platform much like a vast variety of other desktop applications such as news and email.  The Standard Bank mobile application is a straightforward mobile application, which mimics the desktop portal or service.  The registration is very easy and the application makes use of the same user name … more

Data and apps “bill shock”


One of the major challenges of mobile data and the rise of the mobile apps has been “bill shock” I first experienced this last year in 2013 when I foolishly enabled the data roaming on my device when travelling overseas.  I returned to find that I had clocked up a massive R27,000 bill which the … more

First National Bank (FNB) banking app

FNB Banking app screen

The proliferation of mobile devices across the world and the lowering of the barrier to entry of smartphones have implied that more people are access the internet via their mobile phones.  This has been good news for the mobile network operators as they have witnessed a corresponding increase in data traffic, while witnessing flattening of … more

Gobii E-reader

Gobii e-reader

An affordable e-reader for South Africa   The latest e-reader from Kalahari, the Gobii, offers users an entry level and affordable e-reader. The Gobii is available from Kalahari.com, at a price tag of R699, with free delivery and R120 book voucher.  The package comes with a set of earphones for the music and other entertainment … more

Nokia 520 – easy to use entry level smartphone


The Nokia 520 is an easy to use affordable smartphone, available on the Cell C contract for R130 per month.  The device comes with Windows Phone 8 installed.  The device easily connects to social networking applications such as Facebook and Twitter and comes loaded with Nokia Music. A major plus for the device is that … more